Monday, August 20, 2007


There's been progress on the bamboo lace shell. I've got the back done and most of the front, but have run out of yarn (the story of my life). I've ordered more (haha, The Limey has had it up to here about my having to order "just one more ball" of yarn for many of my recent projects) and am waiting for it. Meanwhile, I blocked the back.

Isn't it pretty? I love the way the lace pattern makes a scalloped edge, giving it the perfect little detail without my having to do anything at all.

It was fairly easy to increase and decrease within the pattern. I kept a 2-stitch selvedge for seaming.

I also replaced all the stair step decreases with short rows, so the underarm bind-offs are a nice smooth line:

And the back neck as well- no weird stretched stair steps from every-other-row-bind-offs:

This means that all the edges which will show are already finished. Once the front and back are knitted, all I'll have to do is a couple of straight seams. I won't have to do any crochet finishing to tidy up the edges.

Awesome. Can't wait to get that last ball of yarn. (They had one ball left in my dyelot. Whew.)

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LilKnitter said...

Very pretty. The scalloped edge is lovely. And I think I may be working short rows for armscye decreases from now on! So much nicer.