Wednesday, August 08, 2007

swatch and a question

Pink mohair: can I be having with it?

The answer is no. No. Absolutely not. This is some Jaeger Mohair I got from The Limey's mother when we visited in March. It's just barely more than half mohair, the balance made up of nylon and polyester. It feels like polyester. And the mohair isn't your finest, softest kid mohair, either. It feels like they must have spun up whatever was left after someone else got the nice stuff. Look how long the fibres are!

Those fibres like to wrap themselves around everything, most notably, each other. I had problems knitting with it from the get-go. Seriously. It was difficult to make a slip knot to start my cast on! The knitting was just as fun. I shudder to think what it would be like to tink or rip back with this yarn. Urrgghh. To be fair, this was yarn from The Limey's mum's stash, and she hasn't knit in decades, so it probably dates from the late '70s-early '80s. (Hey, can I call it vintage if I sell it on eBay?)

I don't know what I'm going to do with it, now. This yarn has no redeeming qualities. That I have lots of it, and could have more with just a short phone call to Stoke are not virtues at this point.

(Just as I was singing the praises of Jaeger, too!)


diane said...

do you have any of the "vintage" knitting patterns which feature a 3/4 sleeve cardigan? A slimfit cardi in that fuzzy yarn...screams out vintage, then some rhinestoney or mother of pearl buttons....oh yeah

jacqueline said...

actually I think diane is onto something. that could be a GREAT little cardigan.

you could make chloe a cardigan. would that not be ADORABLE?!?! oh oh... and a little hat!

a simple yarn said...

So what was the question? Do you want ideas for knitting with it or ideas of how to off-load it. I think my attention span is getting shorter.

Diane's idea is great, but frankly (if you want the truth) I can't see you wearing a fuzzy cardy. On you, something sleek? Yep.