Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's almost worth the carbon footprint

I was wandering about Luton airport last night, wasting time before boarding my flight home, when I turned the corner and saw

Ever since Diane mentioned the donuts she got at home, my normally suppressed longing for glazed donuts flared up. So of course, I made a bee-line for the Krispy Kreme stand. When I got there, a guy was standing beside the counter, giving away free samples. I said hi. He asked if I was Japanese. Er, no. Chinese? Actually I'm American.* Then he said, Oh, have you had these before? Would you like to try some? His colleague behind the counter said, Did you even listen to her? She's American! Asking her if she's had these is like asking the pope if he's ever had the body and blood of Christ!

Anyway, it was hilarious, and the guys were really nice and chatty while I bought my half dozen little glazed toroids of happiness.

*This happens to me an average of 500 times an hour if I'm anywhere even remotely touristy. In Marrakesh, The Limey and I had a contest to see whether I would get greeted by "konichiwa" more than he would get offers to buy drugs.


Lien said...

I love KK!! When I went to the States in 2003, I was so depressed about coming home because there were no KK in Australia!! (Also was depressed about coming home in general.) But then they opened one a couple of months later.

Now my new Weight Watchers me, tells me NO NO NO!!

jacqueline said...

ha! I just took my "glazed donuts have a strange power over me" blurb off of my myspace account this morning. go figure!

good thing I have the fabric donut you guys got me.

Diane said...

oh how yummy!

Averil said...

Yum! I´ve got a whole Homer drooling moment going on just looking at the picture..