Monday, September 03, 2007

Cably goodness

The Dingle yarn (which is almost definitely Kilcarra) has finally decided to be a Central Park Hoodie, from Knitscene's Fall 2006 issue. Great, awesome. It's been autumn here since, oh, April, but recently, I've really been noticing it getting darker earlier and it's becoming proper weather for snuggling up in tweedy cabled knits.

My plans to knit this were foiled by the fact that I can't get my grubby little hands on a copy of the magazine here. I could order it off the Interweave website, but the gods only know how much it would cost to ship here. Various people offered to pick one up for me while they were on their foreign summer travels (thanks, guys!) but since the CPH is such a popular knit, I think most places were probably sold out of it.

At any rate, I couldn't wait, and so, after looking at a bunch of pictures of the CPH, started the process of reverse engineering the thing. So far:

I've got the sleeves done, as well. It looks alright. There are definitely points where it's obvious that I was guessing at numbers and stitches and stuff, but on the whole it seems to be working out. I only hope the damned thing loosens up a bit after washing. It's going to be quite snug, otherwise.

Also (stop me if you've heard this before...) I probably don't have enough yarn. So I'm going to have to forgo the hood. It was either that or a sleeve. But that's alright; I mean, it's not like I don't have enough knit hats.

I'm quite liking the cables. I used to think they were a bit over the top and busy. But this has just enough cables to make it interesting. And cables show up so well in this yarn. Maybe there will be more cabled knits for me in the future.

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