Monday, May 19, 2008

Too many options, not enough ideas

I'm knitting a lace cardigan from some beautiful Habu Tsumugi Silk (in colour 38, a purply-red) I bought from I Knit London a few months ago. I looked at it for a long time, and decided I wanted a lightweight, wear-everywhere, match-everything casual cardigan for warm weather. Basically to wear over dresses and tanks and stuff. But not as fancy as the black silk Horseshoes Cardigan.

I've finished the back:

I'm halfway through one of the fronts, and am at a decision point: what kind of neckline do I want?

As you may have noticed, I'm quite fond of deep scoop necks (see the Horseshoes Cardigan, the Silk Garden Scoop Neck Pullover and the Scoop Neck Tee). In this case, however, I want to be able to wear it open and closed without the sides flapping about too much.

  • I think probably a normal crew neck (something like the one on the Synergy Cardigan) is the easiest choice, but kinda boring.
  • A V-neck is the next obvious choice, but, again- eh. V-necks look alright on me, but boring again.
  • A really deep v-neck, starting below the boobs and going steeply up to the shoulders?
  • Or a V-neck starting from below the boobs, but stopping a few inches before the shoulders, from where it will go up straight to the top of the shoulders. So it looks like a scoop neck, but with straight lines at the front instead of curved ones. A sweetheart-ish neckline.
So, as I said, I'll have to make a decision on which neckline to do soon. (One of the reasons I knit things in pieces like this is precisely because it gives me time to think about these things. Also, so I can estimate how much yarn I have vs. how much yarn I need.)

I can't get a good picture of the colour of this yarn. It's purpler (yes, that is a word) than the picture above.

After I decide the the neckline, my next question will be what to do with the sleeves.

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Sinéad said...

Hi Lien,

I think your last option (the sweetheart neck) is my favourite one. It's beautiful yarn, so I'm sure whatever option you choose it'll look great.
Thanks for your comment on my argyle socks, I'm really quite proud of my first intarsia project, and certainly don't plan on it being my last!