Tuesday, April 08, 2008


For Christmas, a very talented friend of mine gave me and The Limey a pair of beautifully hand-made mugs. We love them.

They're just the right size for juice and for the small, strong coffees The Limey makes on the weekends.

I especially love the crackly glaze and that hint of a bluey-greeny-celadon colour.

While one of them is in robust good health, I'm very very sad to report that the other one...well, the other one...

We were devastated. After some crying and rending of hair, we decided we'll try to fix it. The Limey will steal some cyano-acrylate from work (they make their own Superglue; who knew?).

Meanwhile, we still use them both, and we cherish them just a little more.


hana said...

Those are very attractive! So sad the handle broke. I'm curious how the repairs go.
Oh, and I keep meaning to ship you something. This reminds me that I still haven't done it. It's only... 4 months late. er.

jacqueline said...

so what actually happened? did it just fall off on it's own? I was worried that I was going a little too thin on the handles... it'd be good to know if it was a design flaw.