Sunday, April 06, 2008


From my living room window this morning:

WTF?! We're well into April here, people! Who is the eejit who makes the weather decisions, huh?


jacqueline said...

hehehe, welcome to the Pacific NW weather we've been seeing. This is like the coldest Spring we've seen in this area since, like, 1911 or something.

stupid faces.

Christina said...

Yep, we got a bit of snow here in Ireland this morning too. Madness.
When are we all going to wake up to the reality of global warming?

Averil said...

Wow - "all" we´ve got is rain here in Spain, though it is welcome as most of the water reservoirs are below 20% capactiy. Now we´ve just got to get the Gov to stop allowing hotels in the south east water their super green gardens and golf courses. I think it will still be a while off yet.. the power of the tourist buck and all that.

I´ve just been catching up on your blog and I´m amazed at all your FOs! You really put me to shame.. I´m off to friend you on Ravelry and hope your efficiency rubs off on me!