Thursday, March 22, 2007

An anniversary

Last week was the one year anniversary of the day The Limey quit his 11-year smoking habit. A cause for celebration if there ever was one. Clearly, this called for cake.

I asked him what kind he wanted, and he sort of went off into a dreamy "mmm...cake" free association for a bit, when his eyes grew round and he said, "Jaffa cake...cake!" So this is my first-order approximation of a Jaffa cake.
I used orange marmalade for the centre bit, but I also made an orange sponge cake for the base. I topped it off with ganache and called it done. It tastes good, but absolutely nothing like a Jaffa cake. Oh, well. I think, more research next time before I attempt something like this.

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book martini said...

That is one delicious-looking cake. Jackie and I were just discussing how good cake is. I think I need to come up with a good reason to make a cake now. Oh! Maybe a graduation cake!