Monday, June 25, 2007

Ah, the Irish summer

I hope everyone had a good Pride/midsummer weekend? We had a traditional midsummer barbecue:

The midsummer party is a Scandinavian tradition, but the barbecuing weather was nothing but Irish. It was great fun. My housemate invited a whole bunch of her fellow Scandinavian co-workers. I now know why the Vikings no longer have an empire and colonies everywhere: they've drank themselves out the world-conquering sweepstakes. Seriously, these people drink a lot. I can't understand how most of them were managing to stay upright at the end of the night. Housemate had printed up Swedish midsummer drinking songs...there were fourteen of drink a shot after every one.

Also this weekend, an occurrence of one of those 'It's a small world' moments. I was at a friend's birthday celebrations at The Dragon*, on George's St, on Friday night. (To quote the birthday boy: May as well spend the first night of Pride weekend the way you intend to spend the rest of it- totally drunk and surrounded by screaming queens.) We were outside, saying good night when I mentioned that I might go to see the parade, since I'd be in town for my knitting group, anyway. And someone said, Oh my God! Do you stitch and bitch? To which I replied, I totally stitch and bitch! And he said, I love stitch and bitchers. Were you one of those people who were kicked out of Stephen's Green a couple of weekends ago?

Look at that! Our reputation precedes us! It turns out that this guy was having part of his birthday celebrations in the Green on the same day as we were having our KIP day, and he had been kicked out by the Guards as well. I wonder what excuse they gave to kick him out? I mean, surely he hadn't advertised his birthday party in the Times?

*I'd never been to The Dragon before, and it's a great bar: huge, beautiful, friendly, good hanging-out potential. But I have to say: I was served the absolute worst cocktail I have ever had in my life. The Limey had gone up to order and when he asked for my dirty martini, the bartender said, That's with the olive juice in it, right? This was a bad sign. The drink was disgusting. Maybe he forgot about the alcohol totally and just shook up a glass of olive brine with some ice? I don't know. I sent it back, and the replacement was just as undrinkable, so I gave up and had a Bailey's instead. The Limey's mojito, although drinkable, did not resemble any mojito I'd ever seen before.


jacqueline said...

hee hee... kicked out of the same place on the same day. what a small world!

Ger said...

Amazing to meet someone who was asked to leave St Stephen's Green on the same day. Its ridiculous. Maybe that Guard was having a bad Day? Just a tiny maybe?
Anyway your barbecue looks just as 'wet' as ours was. We had day of brilliant fun, mostly spent under umbrellas, eating and drinking.

rednib said...

So sad about the two weird dirty martinis. The other day I had a dirty martini and several sips in, the waitress came rushing back to ask if it tasted ok. I said, "um, yes?" and she said, "well, I just found a marachino cherry in the olive jar, so if it tastes a little like cherry that's why. I can totally make you a new one if you want." I declined, saying it tasted fine. Weird.