Friday, June 08, 2007


Okay, looks like the weather will actually cooperate, for once.

World Wide Knit in Public Day is tomorrow. Y'all better be there!

To re-cap: If you can (and of course you can!) meet up at Malahide or Bray DART stations before 11am and take the DART into town. Then go to the Summerhouse at Stephen's Green to knit the afternoon away. (The Summerhouse is the thing by the waterside that looks kinda like a big covered porch, only... without a house attached.)

I will try to get to the Summerhouse a half hour early or so to claim the space. I'll try to get The Limey to go with me, so if you see a long-haired guy in black looking kinda awkward, I'll be the small Asian chick next to him. It'll be easy, I'll be knitting. Come on by and say hi! Otherwise, I will poke you with the sharp sticks.


Laura said...

I'll see you there - hopefully with a boy in tow to keep The Limey company!

Worsted_knitt said...

I'll come without my man... although also long-haired.

jacqueline said...

I'm gonna hafta miss it. sorry. will be busy running 6 miles, then manning a garage sale, and then drinking myself silly.