Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cue eye-rolling

For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing bits of organizing for the Dublin events for World Wide Knit in Public Day (we're no longer part of the UK on that site! woohoo!). I've asked various people around me for help- things like, "Does this flyer look okay?" or "Could you print some of these and put them up around campus?"

Oh my FSM, the eye-rolling I get as a response! It is proof we need a Knit in Public Day.

For some reason, even though most of my friends here know I knit and that I go off to these knitting groups every once in a while, they still persist in thinking that knitting is never done by young(-ish) people and that it is a deeply frumpy and spinsterish activity to engage in.

Whereas my thinking has always been:

1) I knit; and
2) I am obviously the very last word in cool,

therefore, knitting is cool. Q.E.D.

Hmmm...for whatever reason, this argument has never worked when I try to convince people of the wonderfulness of knitting. I wonder why?

Anyway, whether it's cool or not is beside the point. The point is that lots of people, women and men, young and old, gay and straight, girly and goth, white and yellow, mothers and spinsters, have found a way to express themselves, to pass their time creatively, to actively engage themselves in hand-producing something. And they're doing it through knitting! Which is great!


rednib said...

Well I think it's cool, and as far as hobbies go, seems like it's portable and you can do it on almost any budget.

Unfortunately, my craft of choice, throwing pottery on a wheel, is not so portable or cheap. Even if I could afford a wheel, where would I put it? Those things are heavy. And the kilns!! Like that's ever going to happen.

I'd like to try knitting, but whenever I do that kind of motion it makes my shoulder ache again, so with that kind of negative reinforcement, I've not really gotten in to it.

a simple yarn said...

Amen, sister.