Monday, June 11, 2007

More pictures

'Cause everybody likes pictures.

Saturday was a great day to be knitting in public. It was actually warm and sunny in Dublin, so everyone was out and about in St. Stephen's Green- there was lots of public to be knitting in. We got lots of stares and rubbernecking, I tell ya. Here are some...

Jackie had brought some samples of various fibres that she'd knit and felted. Some people brought shawls and scarves that they'd knit. Others wore their handknits. It was splendid. Everyone's handknits got fondled.
It was a great opportunity to meet other knitters. I only ever manage to make it to the city centre SnB meetings, so it was really nice to see people from the Rathmines group, the Dundalk group, the Wicklow group... not to mention knitters who'd heard or read about WWKIP Day and were showing up at a knitting meeting for the first time.

For some reason, at one point in the afternoon, people abandoned the "sit and knit" model and everyone stood up to knit and chat. Don't know why. It happened all of a sudden, too. Maybe people got tired of having to get up to look at other people's projects, so they figured they may as well stay up.

This picture makes me happy. Doesn't it look like the perfect way to spend a summer day?


Knitt said...

I think our aching bums made us stand up - the cement was not very ergonomical after a few hours. Maybe this is what they mean by the 'new knitting movement' ?

Sara said...

wow looks like it was a really good turn out!!

Lien said...

Hi, I was so excited when I saw your comment. Actually, I was a bit puzzled at first beccause I thought someone had written my name in the Name box instead of their own!! Until I realised you had the same name!!

And we both knit? How is it that I haven't found you earlier... considering how much time I spend looking at craft blogs. Or more importantly, how did you find me??

Love to talk, you can email me

PĂ©itseoga said...

Oh, that looks like fun! I missed it! I am only starting to knit (again) but I'm based in the north of the County. i don't knit much but check out my blog (sewing and crochet and other stuff) if you like!