Friday, June 01, 2007

What? Knitting?

There's been precious little knitting happening lately. Job-hunting kind of sucks the joy out of life for me, and I haven't had the energy to pick up the needles. Plus, I got to a tricky part of a cardigan, and couldn't summon the brainpower and concentration to sit down and work through it. But I really want to get the cardigan done, and so have been neglecting other projects in order to do so. So everything kind of hit a standstill.

These are socks I started more than a month ago:

They're for The Limey. I wanted to knit a sock that took into account his pointy feet. The toes were started with a Turkish cast-on and then shaped by increasing more on one side than the other. They fit pretty well so far.

Print O' The Wave has been very sadly neglected for months now:

I've knitted the edging up maybe a third of one of the long sides. It's pretty simple to do, but I've been avoiding it because 1) I really want to get the cardigan done and 2) I have an awful, awful feeling that I may run out of yarn. I started the edging with maybe 2/3 of a ball left (I started with 2 balls) and I'm afraid. Very afraid. I got this yarn in New Zealand, so there's no way I'll ever find a match if I need more. And if it turns out I do run out of yarn, the only alternative is to frog all the edging and a few of the centre panel repeats. I took out the lifelines on the centre panel long ago (*bangs head on table*) so I don't know how that's gonna work. Aaargh.


Worsted_knitt said...

Uh-oh, that doesn't sound too good! Let's just hope you don't run out!

jacqueline said...

lifelines is a pretty interesting knitting term. I guess it holds the gravity of their importance.