Thursday, June 14, 2007

An old FO + an adorable WIP

I finished this late last year sometime. A very good friend of mine was expecting, and I thought the dear sprog deserved no less than Cashmerino. I've only just now got action shots of the sweater. Of course, she waited until the freakin' start of summer to fit into it! Who's gonna wear Cashmerino in summer, huh? Even a Portland summer. Well, she looks so cute in it that I will just hope for a crappy, cold summer so she can wear it lots. (Sorry, other Portlanders.)

Cabled baby pullover
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, either 2 or 3 balls (I forget) from This Is Knit, from way back when they had that little cubbyhole in the back of the Aladdin's Cave bit of Blackrock Market
Needles: 3.0mm or 3.5mm circulars (once again, I forget)
Pattern: Garnstudio pattern 13-7 (catchy name, hey?) in the 6/9 month size

Notes: Well, the Garnstudio people are great in that they put up lots and lots of free patterns for some really cool looking, styley stuff. In a variety of languages, no less. But the patterns are written in some kind of Scandinavian code. Okay, maybe it just seemed like it. When I made this sweater, I'd had a couple years of knitting scarves, hats, and simple tops under my belt. And I found that I had to work really hard just to decipher how they wanted me to read the damned pattern, let alone knit it. It seems like they write the patterns not for clarity, but to save space and wordage. Hello? You publish them on-line! Those are the least of your concerns. Plus, once I did figure it out, I found that there were errors in it. I had to rip out the ribbing and first couple of inches because the cable wasn't centred over the ribbing. A tiny detail, a matter of a couple of stitches, but glaringly obvious when you looked at it. There were other small things like that.

I think everyone knows by now that the Cashmerino Aran pills badly. I think some of the other yarn weights in the DB Cashmerino line stand up better. I knew about this problem when I made this sweater, but I figure the kid wouldn't be wearing it for more than a few months. Why not spend those few months swaddled in cashmere and softest merino, eh? And doesn't she look absolutely adorable in it?


Ger said...

Yes that is such a lovely sweater. Well done on the knitting, and its just great to get those appreciative photos of your knitting.What a gorgeous baby! I have not used that yarn myself but I did have a problem with the Sirdar sublime yarn with pilling. It was the merino one.

Lien said...

This is freaky!! I had the same thought about knitting patterns as well - last night in fact. I used to do a bit of technical writing and I was having trouble deciphering a Cleckheaton pattern for babies. Very cute!! Baby and sweater =)

Mother of baby said...

I absolutely love the sweater. Not only is it beautiful, but so far whatever days she has worn it she naps like a charm.

jacqueline said...

awesome that it's machine washable too. baby is starting to drool a bit. She may have some teeth cutting through this summer!